Heads up – 7up!

Finally got to replace the burned off driver in one of my 7up lights. Made a good looking wire harness with a small shrink wrapped push-button and stuck the whole thing to my helmet.

2013-11-18 23.33.31

No more gaffa tape to hold the modified MR16 bulb from DX like I have been used to! It looked terrible anyway….

MR16 bulb

I used one of these big fat silicone rubber bands to fix the light on top of the helmet. It provided a good tight fit but I don’t hope the rather sharp edges on the handlebar mounting bracket will prove too much for the budget rubber band…

They’re around $2 on DX so buy a whole bunch while you’re at it anyway.

Tomorrow morning we’ll see how well it performs in general traffic. I’ll probably blind the occasional driver.

2013-11-18 23.34.49Only one thing to do now – clean up all the mess in the kitchen and get straight to bed!

See ya!